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About Us

Fontana Group was incorporated in 1990 in Jakarta, Indonesia as a realization of a business partnership by experienced businessmen and investors.

The founding shareholders of Fontana Group are successful businessmen and market practitioners with decades of business experiences in the retail and franchising business, experts in manufacturing and in export of leather goods and garment accessories as well as professional investment bankers of international caliber.

Prior to the start-up of this retail business,  a founding shareholder of Fontana Group had been manufacturing and exporting leather accessories for several international brands. Well-known for the impeccable quality and trustworthiness, the opportunity for the first license agreement of international brand Pierre Cardin was presented. 

Today, Fontana Group has acquired licenses of other international brands into its retail business portfolio and distribution channel. In addition to its successful manufacturing and distribution of international brands, Fontana Group has also successfully developed and launched a few  house-brands of its own.

Ever since its incorporation, Fontana Group has gone through the economic and business ups and downs and challenges including the Asian economic and financial crisis of 1997/1998, and yet survived to fare better and better and became one of the leading retailing companies in Indonesia.

Fontana Group started out with a humble beginning of 2 outlets in the department stores back in 1990. Putting emphasis on exceptional quality in products and in services, the Group set on a path of expansion and growth from year to year. The very first boutique was opened in 2007 in a shopping mall. To date, Fontana Group has over 250 retail outlets and boutiques spread over major cities of Indonesia, namely Greater Jakarta Metropolitan, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, Yogyakarta, Solo, Semarang, Menado and Pekan Baru. More outlets and boutiques are planned in the upcoming time.

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