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Management and Ownership

The remarkable national economic growth of Indonesia over the past few years that lifted the living standards of Indonesian society has led to increases in consumer purchasing power. And as result, the market for luxury and branded products has been moving in the same upward trend and expanding correspondingly. Market demand, for products of Fontana Group, has been keeping pace along with such growth of consumer purchasing power.

We believe that quality and services are the fundamental elements leading to success in marketing products. We also believe that honesty and integrity are essential in leading to success in managinga company. Teamwork and family value are constantly treasured among the management and the employees and are embedded in the thought process and strategic planning. Everyone in the Groupis a stakeholder of the success of the Group.

Exercising these core values and cognizant of its social responsibility, we keep on growing in the business of retail distribution and network.

We continue to seek and form new partnership with businesses that share our Group’s vision and mission of growth and success.

Fontana Group engages in business of licensing, manufacturingand distribution of leather goods and accessories in Indonesia. 

While we continue working closely with all major department stores in about all major Indonesian cities, we opened our first boutique in 2007 and have since expanded our distribution network to more than 250 outlets. More outlets and boutiques are being added to our distribution network in the upcoming time.

In collaboration with major department stores and shopping malls, we participate actively in sales and promotion campaign. In addition to print media such as newspapers and magazines for advertisement, we reach out to our customers via digital media like website and social network. We keep pace with the changes in trend, fashion, shopping, products and services, and all with the support of our state-of-art information technology.

We believe in continuous improvement, creativity and innovation in every aspect of our business undertaking. Quality and services are imbued in the way we do business.

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