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Byford Leather Goods

Mr. Donald Byford in Leicester, England, founded Byford in 1919 with an impressive selection of elegant products. Designed by Jim Wilson, the Creative Director of Byford based in England, Collections of Byford are attractive and high-quality for every season.

Byford products are designed in England with the impeccable traditional English style, taste and elegance. Byford retains the Englishness though are often inspired by fashions of Paris and Milan. The products are manufactured with the highest quality standards in Europe as well as in Asia. 

Today, Byford products are distributed and sold throughout Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East with over 1,500 points-of-sale and outlets.

Byford Metode

Manufacturing is conducted within the highest standards of quality control in Europe and Asia.   Product is designed both in England and local partners to ensure that British style is finely honed to the customer demands of the designated market..

Autumn/Winter 2015 Style File Return to the Well Dressed Man - Bags & Belts

It is a season of contrast and contradiction.  Touch and texture become focal points.  The contrast of synthetics and natural material brings depth and a change of pace as palettes deepen and darken.   Key items are luxe leather back packs and exotic leather portfolio clutches

Byford 95th

Reflection of Personality