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Guy Laroche

Guy Laroche is reputable French fashion brand, famed for its elegance and dainty design. Established by legendary fashion designer Mr. Guy Laroche in 1957, the guy Laroche brand was initially synonymous with haute couture of the finest craftsmanship. 

In his first collection that was favorably received, he reintroduced vibrant colors such as pink, orange, coral, topaz, and turquoise. His clothes also featured plunging neck and back lines. Traditional elegant color combinations remained a staple in his designs as well.

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I grew up with the house of Guy Laroche symbolizing for me a kind of luxury and liberty. Guy Laroche was a bold fashion designer; a forerunner and he lived in a very liberated manner just like the women he dressed. This is the spirit I would like to trigger again and that seems to matter more than ever today.

Guy Laroche