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Nicole lee

Nicole Lee was founded in 2004 by Samuel, a Korean American who spent his early childhood in Paraguay, South America, who continues to serve as president of Nicole Lee. 

Over the years since the launch in 2004, Nicole Lee’s sales grow exponentially that continue to this day. With his undying love for fashion and beauty, Samuel never repeats the same design. Impressed by Nicole Lee’s astonishing design and quality, Nicole Lee handbags gain fans all over the world.

Suzy Han, Vice President for Design, also a Korean American but raised in Argentina, is a true artist by heart. She amazes the market again and again with launches of her extraordinary collections of fine handbags of fine chic detail that is quickly known in the market as “Nicole Lee Style.” Her vision is to create custom high-end handbags for women of all ages looking for quality, style and uniquely one of a kind. Her diverse designs come from her admiration for all cultures. This amazing designer has fans all over the world. She receives thousand of complimentary mails every day including questions of how she manages to create so many beautiful designs.

Nicole Lee Collections are designed in Los Angeles, California, USA, home to Hollywood’s glamour and the center of the entertainment industry. Los Angeles is one of the world’s most diverse and exciting cities. Nicole Lee designs are the epitome of Hollywood fashion and trend. Like the city itself, Nicole Lee handbags are luxurious, avant-garde, fun and glamorous. Fashion is fast-paced trend and Nicole Lee opts to stay on top of the trend. This is the reason why retailers around the world look to Nicole Lee for the latest and hottest styles for the upcoming seasons. Today, Nicole Lee handbags are available in thousands of fine boutiques around the world.

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